Geolocalisation is a key element in many industrial decisions. Satellites and extremely inexpensive devices make it possible to determine position with extreme precision.

We are all accustomed to using and trusting geo-localisation services for a wide variety of purposes.

We are also convinced that we consider the declared position of objects, data and people to be true for tracking events and making decisions.

Who guarantees that the positions recorded, shared and used are correct, true and not fraudulently altered?

GPS tracking systems can be fooled by generating bogus signals with cheap and simple devices

IOT devices used by industry to collect, store and transmit often sensitive data use satellite and 5g technologies without any awareness of the risks of spoofing, meacoming and jamming to which they are subjected.

VeriSky® algorithms verify the correctness of the position through its own geographical network.

Verisky® guarantees and certifies the position and data by integrating classic certifications with innovative algorithms and technology.

Verisky® is easy to adopt and integrate, uses standard HW devices and SW technologies and is secure against any spoofing, meacoming and jamming attack.