The real guarantee of origin that wasn't there
Origosat, through VerySky, offers businesses a system to guarantee the origin of food and wine products.
GNSS Smart Traceability and Antispoofing
The strength of an innovative service: safe, sustainable, certificated and non-invasive.
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The multi-professional composition of our company allows us to give the right answers to all the problems that may arise and, if necessary, to provide tailor-made solutions.

Aerospace, electrical, IT and management engineers create value and continuously develop solutions through short production cycles through an evolutionary process. This allows the company to be effective and efficient in terms of time and costs, drastically reducing the risk of getting out of focus with respect to the needs of the companies.



HGR - Hybrid GNSS Receiver

Feasibility study

In collaboration with E.S.A. Space Solution

The HGR receiver and its technology is an economic solution that integrates various sources of information ensuring accuracy, sturdiness and precision that currently no other receiver can provide.

The key driver for HGR application class is the ability to detect spoofing and meaconing, therefore determining the authenticity of the location-related data. The system exploits the use of three sources of information, as follows:

  1. The GNSS, for continuous, accurate and worldwide available timing and positioning services;
  2. The ADS-B, as source of a priori unknown messages in terms of content, signal characteristics (e.g. the actual bits of the message) and emission time. By design, in fact, ADS-B messages are transmitted by each airplane at random times, in order to avoid message conflicts in accessing the shared ALOHA c
    hannel at 1090 MHz (ADS- B is based on a pure ALOHA access);
  3. A secure synchronisation mechanism based on a communication network, to provide alternative timing through a secure channel.


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Anti-counterfeiting and Anti-Italian Sounding

Offering a customised service that meets our customers' protection needs and helps them strengthen their business objectives is our primary business objective and the reason why we have put our specific know-how and aerospace technologies at the service of the manufacturing world.

Our innovative certification and traceability services are easy to integrate with production lines, secure and based on GNSS satellite signals for the prevention, detection and fight against fraud in various production sectors (Food and Beverage, Clothing, Over-the-counter Medicines, Car Parts, etc).

Thanks to proprietary algorithms, our services use GNSS signals protected by mitigating the risks of spoofing, meaconing and jamming, risks to which supply chains are subjected.

Furthermore, to protect the product and brand reputation, the retraceability service is a very useful tool for implementing marketing policies, including digital marketing, which can be easily integrated with social networks. 

Security first


Origosat provides services for the certification of time and position based on a novel augmentation of the Global Navigation Satellite System (e.g. GPS, GALILEO). 

Nowadays, malicious “spoofing” acts on GNSS signals can be extremely sophisticated and actually caused the misplacement of the position returned even by high-end receivers, adding risks to the huge set of GNSS applications.

 Of primary concern is the easiness of using low cost Software Define Radio equipment for imitating or re-transmitting GNSS signals with the goal to defeat them locally.

 The availability of such low-cost equipment results is an underestimated risk, mainly because currently no adequate countermeasures are in place.

 Origosat has implemented a portfolio of antispoofing mechanisms which is targeting a large set of applications, including mobile ones, and a patented algorithm is integrating data coming from different sources of information.

 -          The GNSS itself

-          The ADS-B – the system used by civil aviation for air traffic control

 -          A synchronisation mechanism

 The unique combination of the three elements above, or part of them when not contemporary available, provide capabilities to detect the major spoofing acts.

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