Origosat is an innovative company born in 2015 from the will of some people to develop anti-spoofing technologies and apply them in the various relevant PNT (positioning, navigation and time) domains.

Since Origosat was founded the team has developed and filed 2 patents on the topic of anti-spoofing.

- Patent 1 - Method and apparatus for validating the geolocation of traceability data using freely accessible aerospace data;

- Patent 2 - Validation of geolocation and/or timing based on the instants of diffusion of aircraft tracking signals.

Today, Origosat is a company operating in the field of GNSS satellite signal anti-spoofing technology and presides over two macro areas in the Italian and European markets:

- anti-spoofing technology applied to the transport sector and to time (Hybrid GNSS Receivers and Hybrid Oscillators)

- satellite technology based on GNSS signals and services for the certification of origin and traceability to combat the phenomena of counterfeiting and Italian Sounding)