5g paradigm

VeriSky® is the "antivirus" of Radio-location!

Even the radio-location has its "viruses" and "vulnerabilities" as the computers and internet.

If we want to use satellite radio-location to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of a position for legal, contractual, commercial or simply warranty purposes, we cannot use just any receiver.

Today it is also easy to 'blind' and 'cheat' a satellite receiver by means of inexpensive devices available on most e-commerce sites. (although banned by law). There are also free apps that falsify the position of one's Smartphone to be in the place and at the time one wants, transmitting this 'false' position to third parties!

Our technology combined with our hybrid HGR devices, at an advanced state of miniaturisation, providing a native chip placed inside the devices (in collaboration with manufacturers) that use 5g technology (smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, IOT, etc.) represents a new generation of devices that offer a real guarantee against spoofing, meacoming and/or jamming attacks.