Supply chain transparency.

The quality of agri-food products and beverage represents a very important driver in one of the most important sectors of the economy of many States and Italy in particular. Companies are engaged daily in the cultivation, production and transformation of high quality agri-food products and beverages following the specifications and rules for the protection of consumers' health. Phenomena such as counterfeiting or Italian-sounding damage the reputation of companies and their competitiveness, putting the health of consumers at risk and creating a parallel economy that is often illegal.

A transparent supply chain is a key requirement to reduce frauds and improve F&B safety. It is not trivial satisfy this requirement due the complexity of the supply chain and the plethora of stakeholders involved (e.g., farmers, collectors, processors, transporters/shipping companies). Transport is a key element of the supply chain and the S3T secure end-to-end traceability service is well suited to address transparency of the supply chain and fight against F&B frauds.

Additionally, the food industry knows that consumers prefer certified products because they are normally more sustainable, and that the consumers are ready to pay a higher price for them. This is another driver for the certification of origin service.

The real guarantee of origin.

Origosat offers state of the art aerospace technology for simple "made in" traceability guaranteed by satellite, automatic, immediately usable for producers and sellers, with very low impact on the production chain and free of charge for consumers.

The peculiarity and innovation of this method is the extreme reliability of the signature: it cannot be replicated, not even by us at Origosat. It is generated only once, only at the right time and place.

How we do it.

Thanks to satellite technology and IOT components, you can record one event that coincides with the certification of origin, n events that coincide with the certification of the entire production chain and you can have traceability notifications by reading with the app the QR Code integrated with the packaging of the product.




origosat - eng from Origosat on Vimeo.