Smartphones integration

VeriSky® is the "antivirus" of Radio-location!

Also the radio-location has its "viruses" and "vulnerabilities" as the computers and internet.

- There are free apps that falsify the position of one's own mobile phone, which will turn out to be in the place and time we want, transmitting this "false" position to third parties!

In the various app stores, we read statements such as:

Tele-transport your Smartphone to any place on Earth with two clicks! This APP sets up a false GPS position in such a way that every other application on your Smartphone believes that you are really there!

- Nowadays it is also easy to 'blind' and 'trick' a satellite receiver using inexpensive (although legally prohibited) devices.

- If we want to use satellite radio tracking to guarantee the integrity and authenticity of a location for legal, contractual, commercial or simply warranty purposes, we cannot use just any receiver.

So we came up with the idea of an error- and fraud-proof tracker with a service that guarantees the data to the producer and the user/consultant.