Umbrella brand and Territorial certification

Why an Umbrella Brand 

Tourism and high quality agri-food products represent the long-standing reputation of our country and are two very important areas of the economy and the labour market (for direct and indirect employment).

Very important steps have been taken in recent decades to strengthen foreign demand in terms of incoming tourism and the sale of local products abroad.

Wine and agri-food products have been the pioneers and major players both in exports and in the strengthening of incoming tourist flows thanks to their power to attract both Italian and foreign consumers/tourists.

Agri-food products are often niche products and require very strong promotional and marketing actions, which obviously cost more than micro-enterprises can afford. In addition, companies often have difficulty penetrating foreign markets, especially emerging markets.

Ever-increasing competition from other parts of our country and Europe, as well as various economic crises and the pandemic crisis, mean that we now need to rethink our promotion and development model in order to regain our position and return to growth.

 Satellite Certification in support of the Umbrella Brand

The aim is to create favourable conditions for companies in the agri-food sector to strengthen their competitiveness on international markets, promote local employment and implement incoming tourism through the implementation of two complementary types of actions which can be described as follows:

 - The creation of an umbrella brand, a territorial brand for all products through a technological innovation action based on the localisation of companies and satellite certification of origin of products;

-  The creation of the prerequisites for the entry of micro and small family businesses into foreign markets through technological, organisational and logistical innovation.