The blockchain is a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.

Business depends on information. The faster and more accurate it is, it's better.

VeriSky® is a satellite technology with a triple link to the Blockchain:

- Complementarity and guarantee at certain stages of the registration process, especially in support of the first registration.

In the traceability of food chains, for example, the first registration made with the blockchain sees the involvement of a few actors (often 2) and can represent elements of arbitrariness that concern both the content of the registration (self-certification) as well as the place of occurrence of the registration, which will have negative consequences of fragility on all phases of the registration process.

- It supports some applications that use blockchain technology, such as online voting. VeriSky® thanks to satellite anti-spoofing technology guarantees the location of the events held online

- Alternative to blockchain technology as VeriSky® is able to certify all events taking place in a supply chain (for food from farm to fork, logistics, data transfer from IOT devices) with additional guarantee of anti-spoofing technology.

VeriSky® certification is an agile tool with low energy consumption for record keeping (no duplicates and no third-party validation: everything is certified by algorithms using 3 signal sources).

VeriSky® record acquisition, transmission and storage systems are protected from fraud and attacks by anti-spoofing and cyber security technologies.