Verysky System

Verisky offers a unique opportunity to promote innovative applications that make immediate use of radiolocalisation signals in services for certifying the origin and guaranteeing 'Made in Italy' and 'Made in Europe' products.

It is a way of combining advanced technology with tradition and the enhancement of the territory for issues of national and European interest: protecting exports, promoting quality and combating fakes, safeguarding health and guaranteeing consumers.

The global navigation satellite system (GNSS) is a geo-radiolocation and navigation system on land, sea or air, using a network of artificial satellites in orbit.

Geolocation systems provide a geo-spatial positioning service with global coverage that allows small, dedicated electronic receivers to determine their geographical coordinates (longitude, latitude and altitude) at any point on the earth's surface with an error of a few metres by processing radio frequency signals transmitted in line-of-sight from these satellites.

These include:

  1. The fully operational US NAVSTAR Global Positioning System (GPS).
  2. The Russian GLONASS system, which has been fully operational since December 2011.
  3. The European Galileo system entered service on 15 December 2016. Still in the implementation phase.

The aim of the system is to make integrated use of three main contributions:

  1. GNSS data validated through algorithms related to GNSS signals and ADS-B signals emitted by aircraft flying over the certification area
  2. Intelligent and cost-effective "smart tags" based on two-dimensional QR codes, which can be easily integrated into production processes.
  3. Mobile APP for smartphones, for easy, immediate and free use by end consumers, who access certified product information

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